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When two worlds collide

Growing up in Togo and moving to the United States for a different opportunity, Peter always knew he wanted to go back to Togo and work with the kids there. So, in July 2018, with the help of our local small town South Elgin Little League, we went to Lome, Togo, to visit family and to see what God had planned for us.

We met with a local teacher, who is only allowed to teach at the school for six hours a week, because that’s all they can pay him for. But his heart is for the kids so he started an after school program that helps tutor kids who struggle to pay attention in class. With the help of other mentor volunteers, he teaches them focus and concentration skills using sports. With two huge equipment bags packed tightly with donations from our neighborhood families, we went to a school yard and started playing baseball. Slowly the kids started to join us. We had a few practices and a few games while we were there just three short weeks. They have continued to practice every Tuesday and have baseball games every Sunday in the Pho Dzifa neighborhood of Lome, Togo. As kids continue to show they are committed to the program, they will earn scholarships towards their school tuition and supplies to continue their education and better their position in life to have more opportunities for success.

Even if we are a tiny part of helping one child succeed in completing their higher education, they could change the trajectory of generations to come!

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